BALLYHOO! has been touring the country nonstop for the past couple of years, spreading their music from coast to coast. Completely on their own, they’ve managed to sell over 10,000 copies of their self-released CDs and more than 50,000 digital tracks.

With their latest record “Cheers!” (out on Surfdog Records in May 2009), the guys are once again hitting the road hard to support it. “We’ve been playing for so long, it’d be weird to stop now. Our last album ‘Do It For The Money!’ has really opened a lot of doors for us and has spread like wildfire in the underground,” says front man Howi Spangler. The band looks forward to getting back on the road to rock the new songs for the core fans. “The new record’s got rock, reggae, acoustic and even some power ballads!”

Hailing from the small Maryland town of Aberdeen, BALLYHOO! formed in their early high school years. Crafting a sound all their own, mixing pop, rock, reggae and punk rock, their self-released “Do It For The Money!” really put the band on the map. With songs like “Cali Girl” and “Cerveza,” the album showcased the band’s knack for pop radio songs and sing-along party anthems. The follow-up, “Cheers!” was produced by Scotch Ralston (311) and promises to bring the band to all new heights. The album also features mix work by 311 drummer, Chad Sexton. Long time fans who have been able to preview songs from the album are calling them “the best ones yet.”

Touring has been the number one priority for Howi, J.R., Donald, and Scott as the band has made several laps around North America, as well as trips to Mexico and Canada. The shows are getting better with each trip, with more fans turning up to see the band every time they come back to a city.

In the spring of 2008, BALLYHOO! was humbled by the chance to support national recording artists 311 and Slightly Stoopid. “It’s always intimidating when playing for another band’s crowd, you never know how they’re gonna react,” explains Howi, “but then you see that they’re enjoying it and the worry goes away. You’re free to rock at that point!”

Also giving rise to the band's growing popularity has been exposure of their music via numerous surf/skate videos and compilation albums including “Forever Free: A Tribute to Sublime,” which featured a stellar cover of “40 Oz. to Freedom." You'll also hear BALLYHOO! songs in the upcoming feature film “Green Flash” and “Road Trip II: Beer Pong.”

In 2010, Ballyhoo! will bring two songs to the Rock Band network. Look for “Paper Dolls” and “Cali Girl” very soon.

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